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Outdoor Audio

Harmonize With The Great Outdoors

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Outdoor Audio Bliss

Indulge in the epitome of outdoor audio bliss in Vero Beach with our carefully crafted outdoor audio systems, meticulously designed to blend seamlessly into your landscape. Revel in the captivating sounds of our expertly placed outdoor audio, enveloping your backyard with rich melodies and superior sound quality. Whether you're lounging by the pool, hosting a gathering on the patio, or simply enjoying nature's embrace, our tailored outdoor audio solutions provide unparalleled enjoyment while respecting the tranquility of your Vero Beach neighborhood.

Experience the freedom to unwind outdoors without compromising on entertainment. With our outdoor audio systems, you can transform your backyard into a private concert venue, where every note resonates with clarity and brilliance. Enjoy the flexibility to choose your favorite music, podcasts, or even audiobooks, enriching every moment spent beneath the open sky.

Create unforgettable memories with family and friends as your outdoor space becomes the perfect backdrop for celebrations and gatherings. From intimate dinners to lively parties, our outdoor audio solutions ensure that the ambiance remains vibrant, amplifying the joy and laughter of every occasion.

Our systems are designed to seamlessly blend into your landscape, ensuring top-notch audio without compromising the beauty of your outdoor space. Immerse yourself in a harmonious outdoor experience that brings music to life amidst the beauty of nature, making every day an opportunity to celebrate life's moments in melody and serenity.

Outdoor Experts

Outdoor Audio Solutions

Line Source Bollards

Revolutionize outdoor audio with our superior speakers. Unparalleled performance and elegant design with patent-pending variable waveguide technology for constant coverage. Experience a new standard in outdoor sound.

3-Way Ellipse Bollard

Coastal Source 3-Way Ellipse Bollard: Powerful and stylish 3-way speaker for directional outdoor sound with an 8” Subwoofer, delivering higher performance and efficiency in a sleek design.

2-Way Ellipse Bollards

Experience superior outdoor sound with the Coastal Source 2-Way Speaker, designed for directional sound and a simplistic contemporary style, featuring a larger driver area for higher performance, efficiency, and fidelity without compromise.

Mini Ellipse Bollards

The Mini Ellipse Bollard: A perfect fit for decks and landscapes, featuring the patented Plug+Play cabling system for superior performance and reliability.

Bollard Subwoofers

The Bollard seamlessly blends into the landscape, delivering superior performance with a larger driver area. It offers installation flexibility for above-ground or in-ground applications, built with high-quality materials to withstand the elements for an ideal addition to any system.

Modulus Bullet Speaker

The Modulus fixture system offers solid brass components for custom solutions, featuring the patented Plug+Play cabling system for superior performance and reliability.

Coastal Source audio systems defy the elements, ensuring years of listening pleasure for music lovers in every season. Despite their sleek, minimalist profile, the inner beauty of the speaker housings shines through. These speakers boast acoustical technology meticulously fit into a confined space, discreetly blending into your outdoor environment while reproducing sound with unparalleled clarity. From pure fidelity at the lowest volume to ear-splitting clarity at max volume, Coastal Source outdoor audio speakers reveal their exquisite open-air sound quality through their expertly conceived and assembled design.

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The Bollard Difference

The Razor

Introducing Razor, the first line of outdoor wall and hardscape speakers crafted with true HiFi performance in mind. Designed to deliver superior sound in a sleek and slim form factor, these modular speakers bring the renowned Coastal Source sound to your patio.

The exquisitely slim Razor speaker series offers striking sound from a minimalist profile that gracefully blends into the surroundings. With a depth of less than 4 inches, these architecturally beautiful speakers minimize visual impact on your home's outdoor aesthetics while maximizing exceptional sound performance.

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Why Outdoor Audio?

Built To Last

Built to last and engineered to thrive outdoors, Coastal Source outdoor speakers are the ultimate solution for your outdoor audio needs. Meticulously designed to withstand the elements and Florida's beach conditions, these speakers ensure exceptional performance without compromise. Say goodbye to unwanted reflections and distortions caused by interior walls as you indulge in the pure, stunning sound quality that  only Coastal Source can provide.

Unlock the ultimate audio experience with Coastal Source outdoor speakers - designed for effortless connectivity. With our user-friendly setup and patented Plug+Play cabling system, installing your speakers becomes a breeze. Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound quality and elevate your outdoor entertainment to new heights with Coastal Source speakers - the perfect choice for audio enthusiasts like you.

Easy To Connect

Discover the extraordinary power of Coastal Source outdoor speakers - a fully engineered system with IP68 waterproof and airtight connectors, paired with rugged tripled jacketed cables, ensuring stable, reliable connections that stand the test of time. Trust in the durability and longevity of your outdoor sound system with Coastal Source, delivering exceptional performance and unwavering reliability. Elevate your outdoor entertainment with Coastal Source - the ultimate choice for superior sound quality and peace of mind.

Complete Solution

At Audiohouse, our outdoor audio design and installation services are unmatched, creating a seamless and harmonious audio experience that complements your outdoor space. Our team of audio experts customizes each setup, strategically optimizing speaker placement and system configuration to ensure exceptional sound quality and coverage. Designed for the outdoors, our speakers are built to endure the toughest elements, guaranteeing lasting performance and reliability. With our expertise and the patented Plug+Play cabling system, installation becomes a breeze, eliminating complexities and providing a hassle-free setup process. Elevate your outdoor entertainment with Audiohouse experts, where innovation, expertise, and superior design converge to create an unforgettable audio oasis in your own backyard.

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Outdoor Audio
Design & Installation

Safeguarding your outdoor audio system with our maintenance plan ensures its longevity and optimal performance. As outdoor speakers are continually exposed to elements like rain, humidity, and dust, wear and tear over time is inevitable. Our maintenance plan takes a proactive approach, addressing these challenges to prevent potential issues and maintain the speakers in excellent condition. With regular cleaning, inspecting, and fine-tuning by our experts, your outdoor audio system will function at its best, delivering clear and high-quality sound. Investing in our maintenance plan allows you to savor uninterrupted outdoor entertainment and create a delightful audio experience that will endure for years to come, making every moment in your backyard truly extraordinary.

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