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Exceeding Client Expectations for 50 Years

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Trust your Home Technology to a Company with a Long Track Record and Experienced Staff.

The Audiohouse has been in the business of sound and home technology since 1970.  They are one of the real pioneers in the custom home electronics industry, having installed technology into homes long before the practice became common. Their story includes a love of music, ingenuity and perseverance, plus a knack of knowing when to change directions at the right time.

The Audiohouse know-how has served Vero Beach well for nearly 50 years. Their staff consists of skilled professionals trained in the disciplines of engineering, design, project management and service. They have completed thousands of projects ranging in price from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars.


Chet Ringeisen spent most of his adult life in big oil country, working in Oklahoma, Texas, Canada and then back to the United States, when he moved to Louisiana as his career progressed. Having grown up in Florida, Chet decided to return to his roots, moving his family back to “The Sunshine State” before his three teenage boys got any older.  Searching for the right town to live in and a promising business that he could grow, he drove up and down the coast. When he happened upon beautiful Vero Beach, he deemed it the perfect place to raise his family.

Here, he bought a small business called Norris Record Center, located downtown next to the Florida Theater which at the time was the only movie house in town.  In addition to records and 8-track tapes, this was the only local business that sold turntables, transistor radios and stereo components.  Sensing a great opportunity in the fledgling electronics industry, he bought the business and renamed the company The Audiohouse to signify its new direction.

Brett, the youngest of the Ringeisen boys, began working in the store at age 14. With access to all of the latest records, tapes and stereo equipment, he quickly became a hit at his high school parties where teenagers clamored to hear popular bands on quality systems.

In 1976, the growing company built a new store at their current location in Treasure Coast Plaza. Televisions were brought into the product mix and soon afterwards, car stereos.  While there were other TV retailers in town, The Audiohouse was the only store offering a full category of products soon to be known as “home electronics.”

New cars at that time came with inexpensive, poor sounding radios, but many customers wanted something better. Sensing another opportunity, The Audiohouse focused on selling and installing car stereos. The store’s reputation for outfitting high quality systems took off. This is when The Audiohouse further honed their skills doing detailed, efficient work.

Many customers wanted to showcase their impressive car stereo systems, so The Audiohouse hosted competitions. In the 1980’s, Alpine Electronics, a top manufacturer of car audio components, sponsored “Car Audio Nationals,” a national effort searching for the top car audio systems. As the event grew, The Audiohouse’s annual competition, which benefited the Muscular Dystrophy Association attracted hundreds of contestants statewide. The company’s car business boomed throughout the 1980’s.

Eventually, the glory years of after-market car stereo business ended as a result of automobile manufacturers realizing they could make more money by including premium stereos in their new cars. With the changing market trends, The Audiohouse sought new, innovative ways to serve their customers.  

Soon, the next opportunity arrived. In 1990, the private barrier island communities of Orchid Island and Windsor were born, and along with John’s Island, formed a strong customer base for the company’s residential electronics business.

Today, beautiful homes continue being built as Vero Beach’s reputation as a great place to live grows. The Audiohouse carries on its long, reputable tradition of designing premium solutions to serve its customers; this era happens to feature the latest in top-of-the-line custom home electronics.  The company focuses on simplifying technology for it’s clients with audio, video, security, automated shading, lighting design, indoor and landscape lighting and other modern technologies for high-end homes.

The Audiohouse has remained relevant for nearly 50 years by keeping up with the needs of the Vero Beach marketplace. Their recently remodeled state-of-the-art  showroom features the latest in home technology, and is one of the finest in the country.


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