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Lighting Design & Installation

Elevating Ambiance Through Enlightened Design

Lighting Design Services

Designing a beautiful home goes beyond choosing colors, furniture, and countertops, lighting plays a major role in the overall esthetic of your Vero Beach home. Lighting brings the architectural elements of your home to life. It accentuates your high end furnishings and adds vibrancy to your color pallette. The significance of interior lighting extends beyond aesthetics, influencing you daily life by elevating your mood and aiding in essential tasks. Hire a processional with expertise in lighting design to optimize your design and implement comprehensive whole house light control, creating a luxurious living environment for your Vero Beach home.

Why Hire A Lighting Designer?

Hiring an independent lighting designer might seem unconventional to homeowners accustomed to relying on electrical engineers and interior designers for their lighting needs. However, when lighting design is assigned as a secondary responsibility to other professionals, it can lead to neglect in your  home's overall design. At The Audiohouse, we recognize that lighting is an art and a science, and our dedicated lighting designers combine technical expertise with aesthetic finesse to craft tailor-made solutions for our clients.


Your Vision, Our Design

The Audiohouse's lighting experts fuse your preferences with their expertise, ensuring your space is a true reflection of your personality.


Tailored Ambiance

Let us craft an atmosphere that suits your style and space, using lighting to enhance your home's unique character and create captivating moods.


Efficiency Redefined

Discover energy-efficient lighting solutions that not only lower bills but also align with your commitment to sustainability.


Expert Illumination

Elevate your space with The Audiohouse's skilled lighting designers who possess a keen eye for perfect illumination that's both functional and visually striking.


Detail Oriented

No detail is overlooked. Our meticulous approach ensures flawless lighting, eliminating unwanted shadows and maximizing the impact of every element.


Seamless Harmony

Our collaborative approach guarantees that lighting seamlessly integrates with your entire design, delivering a unified, captivating ambiance that truly speaks to your lifestyle.

Color Temperature At A Glance

1700 K

Red lighting reminiscent of a match flame offers a calming effect in the evening.

2700 - 3000 K

Elevate warm interior colors and wood finishes with warm, soft white lighting.

4100 - 4150 K

Stay focused on tasks in workspaces or kitchens with cool, white lighting.

5500 - 6000 K

Enjoy vertical daylight hues in the afternoon to stimulate your mood and décor.

6500 K

Deliver lighting in main living areas with hues reminiscent of overcast skies.

6500 - 10,000 K

Reserve clear blue lighting for activities that require ample energy or focus.

Lighting Scenes For Every Occasion

Create the perfect atmosphere for every moment with customizable lighting scenes from The Audiohouse. Seamlessly transition between cozy evenings, vibrant gatherings, and productive work sessions by programming distinct lighting presets tailored to each occasion. From intimate dinners to lively parties, lighting scenes offer effortless control to set the mood that perfectly matches any event you may host in your Vero Beach home.

Essential Layers Of Lighting

Step into a world of exquisite lighting possibilities with The Audiohouse. Say goodbye to the strain of tired eyes, unwanted shadows, and uninspired spaces that a single-tone lighting design can bring. Our innovative approach integrates ambient, task, and accent lighting, ensuring a harmonious and adaptable visual environment. Experience unparalleled lighting sophistication with The Audiohouse, where lighting meets artistry in Vero Beach.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the soft, even illumination that creates a gentle and inviting atmosphere in a space. It serves as a foundational lighting layer, providing overall illumination without harsh shadows. By distributing light evenly, ambient lighting enhances the mood and functionality of a room, making it comfortable and visually pleasing for various activities. This subtle, uniform light ensures a comfortable environment, whether it's achieved through the abundance of natural sunlight, the warm cascade of pendant lights, or the seamless glow of recessed ceiling lights.

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Task Lighting

Task lighting is designed to provide targeted and concentrated illumination, serving to enhance visibility and focus on particular work areas throughout your Vero Beach home. This lighting technique effectively reduces eyestrain and shadows, making it ideal for tasks such as reading, cooking, or crafting. Examples of task lighting encompass adjustable desk lamps, purpose-oriented under-cabinet kitchen lights, and pendant lights thoughtfully positioned over key workspaces.

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Accent Lighting

Discover the transformative power of accent lighting with The Audiohouse. Elevate your space in Vero Beach with our expertly designed accent lighting solutions. Whether you want to showcase prized artworks, architectural features, or unique decor, our carefully positioned lighting fixtures will add a touch of brilliance and sophistication, creating an atmosphere that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

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Architectural Fixtures

Elevate your lighting strategy to the next level with The Audiohouse. Our approach to a successful layered lighting design goes beyond the ordinary – explore how carefully placed pendant lights, downlights, and track lights can transform your space into something extraordinary. Say goodbye to the reliance on basic ceiling lighting.  Learn how each carefully chosen element plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall charm and functionality of your Vero Beach residence, all while reflecting your unique style.

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Pendant Lights

Infuse a touch of brilliance into your decor with a diverse selection of pendant lights, available in an array of colors and finishes. These fixtures not only elevate your aesthetic but also cater to your ambient and task lighting requirements. Elevate your interior design by incorporating these elegant fixtures suspended from the ceiling or integrated within a track light system, adding a new dimension to your space.

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Downlights play a key role in providing ambient lighting and can also serve for task or accent lighting in specific settings. Whether recessed or flush-mounted into the ceiling, these adaptable fixtures are available with both round and square trims, ensuring a seamless fit that complements your decor.

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Track Lights

Discover the versatility of track lighting, perfect for fulfilling your home's accent and task lighting requirements. Utilize adjustable spotlights along a track or rail system to elegantly highlight artwork or provide illumination to cabinets. Expand your design options with track models available in straight, round, or curved configurations, allowing you to effortlessly match your style preferences.

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Lighting Control

Effortless whole-home lighting control is the key to unlocking the full potential of your interior lighting design services from The Audiohouse. Seamlessly manage the various fixtures in your home, creating beautiful layering while maintaining a consistent ambiance through a comprehensive lighting control system. Benefit from a centralized approach that provides intuitive, customized control from your preferred devices, while also ensuring a seamless installation process for a clutter-free and visually appealing space in Vero Beach.

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Elevate your lighting experience with top-tier lighting control systems that provide personalized interfaces, available on dedicated touchpads or mobile apps. Tailor your lighting to your exact preferences using intuitive graphic menus that display the status of lights in every room, enabling effortless adjustments with a simple tap. Whether you're fine-tuning intensity, color, or color temperature for individual fixtures or groups, these systems allow you to effortlessly save your favorite settings and access them whenever you desire.

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At the core of your lighting control system lies the processor, responsible for seamless communication between your control devices and fixtures. Opting for a high-end processor guarantees swift and uninterrupted communication, eliminating any delays. This efficiency translates to instantaneous and precise responses as soon as you issue a command, regardless of its source. During the initial design phase, our lighting experts assess your requirements to select the ideal processor model based on its bandwidth and processing capabilities.

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Smart Dimmers & Switches

Enhance your aesthetic and declutter your walls using intelligent dimmers and switches that seamlessly integrate intricate commands and scenes. These sophisticated keypads replace multiple switches and dimmers, streamlining your interior design. Elevate convenience with keypads that provide immediate access to scenes, enabling comprehensive light control throughout your home while offering combined dimmer and switch functions in a single unit. Discover options that harmonize with any décor through flush-mounted solutions, available in a range of finishes including matte, metal, or glass in a variety of colors.

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Health & Lighting

Explore the effects and benefits that lighting can have on your health. Elevate your well-being with smart lighting solutions from The Audiohouse, meticulously tailored to enrich both your health and the ambiance of your Vero Beach home. Immerse yourself in the transformative benefits of lighting that harmonizes with your circadian rhythms, enhancing sleep quality and overall vitality. Going beyond conventional lighting, our cutting-edge systems incorporate intelligent technology to dynamically adapt and mimic the natural flow of daylight, contributing to a healthier lifestyle. Embrace the positive influence of lighting on your journey to better health with The Audiohouse, where well-being meets innovation.

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