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Enhance the Experience Of Your  Connected Homeowner

Technology Solutions Interior Designers

Technology Is The New Accessory

Homeowners look to you to craft spaces that appeal to their emotions and anticipate their needs. That means you must also be able to incorporate a growing number of devices into your designs without hindering your vision as smart technology becomes an expected addition to luxury Vero Beach homes. When you partner with our team of technology professionals, you’ll have the tools you need to offer equally beautiful and intelligent solutions that meet the demands of your desired clientele.


We Help You Make Beautiful
Spaces Smarter

Uniting Style With Automation

No matter the style of your spaces, our team can help you craft the perfect experience for clients of all tastes with concealed and camouflaged components, cabling and controls that intelligently add to the beauty, functionality and safety of every room.

Technology Solutions

Sophisticated Technology Designs For A Complete Smart Home Experience

Differentiate Your Creations

Stand out from the competition by mastering the art of styling, storing and showcasing the latest technologies into your crafted spaces. Our wide offering of custom-tailored solutions ensures you’ll never fail to meet the needs of your desired clientele.



We work with you throughout the construction process to properly wire and install a robust smart home foundation that ensures reliability, scalability and seamless integration of all the devices your clients desire. When the hardware installation, programming and wire infrastructure installation are completed by the same technology contractor, you experience fewer possible construction delays and unnecessary expenses.


Lighting And Shading

Our integrated lighting solutions and window treatments not only enhance the design of any home but integrate with customizable control options that save energy, protect furnishing and priceless wall art and improve home security. Personalized scenes and automation will please any buyer and can complement any occasion.


Distributed Audio Video

Our audio and video solutions offer high-performance multi-room entertainment from a single platform so homeowners can effortlessly enjoy their favorite media at the touch of a button. We’ll work with you through design-phase collaboration to ensure entertainment systems are strategically placed and concealed where necessary.


Security And Surveillance

Our commercial-grade security solutions enable homeowners to monitor and manage their door locks, gate entries, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and more in real time from any location for ultimate peace of mind.


Landscape Lighting

Our landscape lighting professionals create a warm and glowing entertainment space and enhance your home's curb appeal. Light brings beauty, safety, and security to your outdoor oasis.


Outdoor Entertainment

We design outdoor entertainment systems that create even coverage and disappear into the landscape while giving everyone a great entertainment experience.

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