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Put Your Day On Cruise Control

Home Automation Technology

With A Home Automation System
From The Audiohouse

Control Your Day

From Sunrise To Sunset

The ultimate upgrade for luxury homes, smart automation allows you to transform every space at the push of a button or single voice command. Effortlessly enhance interior design, increase security, and promote the perfect atmosphere throughout your home. Envision window treatments that adjust at pre-set times to reduce glare and protect fine art and delicate fabrics from harmful direct sunlight. Picture hallway lights that automatically illuminate as you walk through at night. Imagine a room that creates the perfect lighting, temperature, and music instantly at the push of a button. With smart home automation, your house is always ready to respond to your needs.

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Your Life Simplified

Consolidate Control

Clean out your drawer of remotes and control everything from audio, video, lighting, shades, climate and more right from your smart device or a single remote.

Customize Your Experience

Customize scenes for waking up, leaving the house, movie night, or hosting a party that can be controlled with your voice or that follow a preset schedule.

Solutions For Every Budget

You do not need to automate your entire home all at one time. Single room solutions are available, so start with your main rooms and expand at your own pace.

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7 am
Good Morning

Your bedroom shades slowly rise and the lights gradually brighten. Your favorite song plays softly in the background as you lie in bed and check your daily schedule.

8 am
Time For Work

Drink your coffee and watch the news. When it is time to leave, your television shuts off, the blinds slowly close, the lights start to dim, and the security alarm arms as your shut the front door.

6 pm
Bon Appetit

With a simple voice command your kitchen lights brighten to the perfect culinary setting for preparing your delicious meal.

7 pm
Party Time

As your guests arrive for dinner you can greet them from your smart device without leaving the kitchen. A party playlist begins to play and the lights illuminate a pathway for easy navigation for your guests.

5 pm
Wind Down

10 pm

As you finish the last page of your book, tap the goodnight scene without getting up. The lights slowly dim, the temperature sets to your chosen sleep temperature, and the  alarm system is turned on.

A Day In The Life

Good Morning Scene
Bon Appetit Scene
Goodnight Scene

As you walk in the door from work, with the touch of a button your lighting dims, a relaxing playlist starts to play indoors and on the patio as you enjoy a glass of wine.

Time For Work Scene
Party Time Scene
Wind Down Scene

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In Home Technology

We believe in our client's power of choice. By working with the best-in-class companies we have a solution to fit in everyone's lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Our staff does not just install our smart home systems, many of them live with them in their very own homes.

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No matter how large or small the project we have the products and solutions to fit your needs. We offer the very best products from around the world.

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