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Experience the ultimate in-home entertainment with The Audiohouse. Say goodbye to noisy crowds, inconvenient showtimes, and less-than-ideal viewing angles. Indulge in the luxury of your very own private theater, meticulously tailored to meet your desires. Imagine a world where your favorite movies, TV shows, or sports come to life on larger-than-life screens, enveloping you in immersive surround sound that puts you right at the heart of the action. Whether you're located in Vero Beach, Indian River Shores or Orchid Island, our home theater solutions redefine how you enjoy content, allowing you to watch what you love, when you want, and exactly how you want it. Elevate your home entertainment experience with The Audiohouse, your trusted home theater partner.

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What Makes A Home Theater?


For optimal enjoyment of your theater experience, it's recommended to create a room with controlled lighting. However, an excessively dark setting can lead to eye strain and discomfort. Achieve the ideal atmosphere for movie nights by incorporating softly dimmed overhead lights or elegant wall sconces. Enhance safety and snack visibility with the addition of LED strip lights and practical task lamps. Our innovative approach to layered lighting design ensures a seamless transition between movie watching and other activities such as gaming or sports viewing, providing both subtle illumination and versatile functionality.


Acoustical Treatments

Indulge in your very own entertainment oasis, meticulously crafted within an acoustically treated haven that stands apart from the rest of your home. Here, you'll encounter sound quality that transcends the standards of commercial theaters, where unwelcome reverberations and echoes are banished, ensuring an uninterrupted connection to the on-screen action. Immerse yourself in a symphony of precision-tuned sound, capturing every subtle footfall and hushed whisper with a realism that transports you directly into the heart of each cinematic moment. Discover our curated collection of exquisite acoustic treatments, expertly designed not only to eliminate audio reflections and deliver a pristine, organic auditory experience but also to serve as a striking visual enhancement that elevates the aesthetic allure of your home theater design.

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At The Audiohouse, we bring your entire setup together for a unified control experience that effortlessly enhances your theater usage. Effortlessly manage lighting, audio, video, climate, and more through a dedicated touchpad, our sleek mobile app, or an elegant remote. For those special movie nights, customize preset scenes that activate with a simple button press. Imagine, with just one touch, the lights gently dim, the projector hums to life, the screen elegantly unfurls, and your preferred streaming service graces the screen, creating a truly immersive cinematic experience.



Dive into the immersive realm of movie soundtracks with a professional surround sound installation from The Audiohouse. Precision-placed high-end loudspeakers deliver unparalleled clarity, creating a 360-degree audio experience that brings the action to life all around you. Sense the rumble of powerful explosions and the subtle creak of floorboards as if they're unfolding in your very presence. Our thoughtfully concealed in-ceiling and in-wall speakers ensure an unmatched cinematic immersion, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the captivating aesthetics of your theater for an unparalleled audio adventure.



Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the silver screen with a cutting-edge 4K projector gracing your Vero Beach home theater. Step into a world of cinematic splendor where lifelike, expansive images seamlessly transport you into the heart of your favorite movies. Unleash an extraordinary spectrum of color, contrast, and deep black levels that blur the line between screen and reality, inviting you to peer through a window rather than a mere movie canvas. Whether streaming the latest blockbuster releases, settling in for a thrilling Sunday of football, or indulging in a TV series marathon, prepare to be captivated by visuals that redefine your entertainment experience like never before.

Sony Projectors


Elevate your visual experience to its highest level by matching your projector with an ambient light rejecting screen. This specialized screen absorbs projector light only, guaranteeing a vivid and colorful image even in spaces with some ambient light. Our team of experts will help you select the ideal screen size for your space, ensuring a seamless fit. If you're looking for versatility, a retractable screen option is worth considering, allowing your display to remain discreetly hidden when not in use, perfect for creating a multifunctional environment.

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Custom Seating

Experience ultimate comfort with custom designed home theater seating for the whole family. Unite style and coziness with a wide spectrum of models and fabric selections, ranging from sleek leather loungers to indulgent recliners. With a variety of colors and modular configurations available, finding the ideal seating solution for your family is a breeze. Elevate your cinematic journey further by incorporating tailored seating accessories like retractable arms, convenient cup holders, versatile tray tables, innovative touch screen mounts, reading lights, lumbar pillows, and more. Your home theater will be a haven of relaxation and entertainment like no other.


Star Ceilings

Transform your home theater into a realm of celestial wonder with star ceilings, granting you the perpetual enchantment of outdoor movie nights. Embrace the ability to tailor the colors and brightness of these stars to match any ambiance, and relish the captivating allure of fiber-optic shooting stars that infuse your cinematic space with dynamic charm. Beyond their ethereal charm, star ceilings offer practical benefits for your theater as well. Acting as acoustic treatments, they enhance the auditory experience throughout the room, ensuring that your sound quality matches the visual brilliance, creating a truly immersive cinematic escape.

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