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1. My cable TV is not working

Try to unplug the power cord from the cable box on the television that has no cable picture. Leave it unplugged for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Allow the cable box a few minutes to boot up. If this does not resolve your issue call the cable company to make sure there is not an outage in your area or that your account is not on seasonal hold. If the cable company can not assist then The Audiohouse is happy to assist you.

2. I can not control my Sonos system from the app

Most of the time this means that your Sonos system needs to perform a system update. To perform a Sonos update, open the Sonos app on your mobile device. If a system update is available it will either prompt you automatically when opening the app or you will see a gray bar with a blue dot towards the top of the page that says "system update available" you will want to click learn more and follow the prompts to update your system. If there are no available system updates then reach out to us to schedule a service appointment.

3. My internet is not working

There are many things that could be causing this. First of all there could be an outage in your area from your internet provider, so give them a quick call to check  for outages. If no outage is reported then try to determine if it is your internet or your Wi-Fi. To do this, test if your desktop computer or a hard wired device connects to the internet. If  you are able to connect to the internet on a hard wired device but not your cellphone or tablet, then try and reset your router. To do this, unplug the power cord from the router for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

DO NOT HIT THE RESET BUTTON. This will factory reset your router and your network will need to be reprogrammed. Allow the router a few minutes to reconnect and try connecting again. If you are still not able to connect, The Audiohouse can help.

4. My remote is not controlling my system

There are a few things that could be causing this. Does the remote control anything (volume, channels, power)? If it is not working at all, it could be as simple as the batteries needing to be changed. If it is one of our docked remotes, the charger or dock could be bad or it could be that the electrical outlet that the dock is plugged into could be bad.  If you have one of our universal remote controls and the remote seems to control most things but you can not perform certain functions, the IR emitter that the remote talks to could have fallen off of the component box you are trying to control. To check, look at the front of the component box that you are trying to control and see if the emitter is dangling or is no longer secured over the eye of the component box. If so, it will need to be re-secured over the eye of the component box with a dab of silicone. Lastly, if you have had a new cable box installed from the cable company and now your remote is not controlling your system you will more than likely need us to make some programming changes to the remote. Give us a call and we are happy to help.

Request Service

Please fill out the service request and our scheduling department will reach out to you by the next business day to schedule one of our technicians to your home. If you have a service emergency please call us directly at 772-562-3767.