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James McGuire, April 8 2022

Why You Should Upgrade Your Home Theater Now

In the past two years, we have learned to work, attend school and entertain from home. The most popular form of entertainment is watching movies from home. Hollywood has ramped up the releases of movies and advancements in home theater technology bring this experience home in new and exciting ways. The Audiohouse is the best home theater company in Vero Beach and these are the reasons why now is the time to upgrade your home theater system. 

So Much to Watch

In the world of streaming services and on-demand, we have never had so many options at our fingertips and new movies are reaching our home faster than ever. Prior to the pandemic, a movie would typically take 90 days to reach streaming services after release. Now, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Disney and more have struck deals to get blockbuster movies on streaming services within 30-45 days of theatrical release. So if you want to see a new movie, you won’t have to wait long to do so at home.

Streaming services such as Apple, Netflix, Hulu and Paramount are ramping up their creative budget. Netflix alone has spent over $5 billion on original content including movies and TV shows in the last year which has created a plethora of content on the service. Netflix has received critical acclaim for some of these movies. The Don’t Look Up movie was jam packed full of stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep and was nominated for four Oscars.  

 Dedicated Theater

A room strictly dedicated for home theater movies is the ultimate choice if you have the space or a seldom used bedroom. We use a lot of Sony projectors beaming crystal clear images of 120” and larger onto Screen Innovation screens. You can perfectly control the light and crank up the sound with best-in-class Bowers and Wilkins Custom Theater speakers and McIntosh electronics. Lean back in your theater chairs in your dedicated theater and you may never want to leave the house.

Upgrade Your Family Room

No need to worry if you don’t have space for a dedicated home theater. Upgrading your Family Room’s system is a great way to get that movie theater feeling into your house. Sony has a new 100” LED TV to give you a big picture into your bright Family Room. Keep in mind that as TVs get thinner, there is less space for speakers which in turn reduces sound quality, especially in vocal and bass frequencies. Upgrading your Family Room with either a surround sound system or a soundbar Will allow you to experience everything the director intended.

Custom Design and Control

As you can see, there are many options for enjoying the new generation of video content available at home. By working with a custom home theater designer like The Audiohouse, you will be in full control over what your theater will look like.

Come visit our showroom today and we can discuss the options for your Vero Beach home theater.

Written by

James McGuire

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