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The Audiohouse, June 23 2021

Buying or Selling a Luxury Home? Consider a Home Technology Inspection

Many luxury homes in Vero Beach have some type of smart home technology built into them. As a potential home buyer or seller, you would probably agree that you should get a home inspection but why not get a home technology inspection as well? Did you know that a home technology system can be more costly to replace than the roof, foundation, electrical or plumbing? If you are considering buying or selling a home with an integrated lighting system, home surveillance system, or control system already installed it is a good idea to make sure the technology is up to date and has many years of usable service ahead.

Having a home technology inspection is becoming increasingly more popular amongst home buyers and sellers in Vero’s most prestigious neighborhoods including Windsor, Orchid Island, John's Island, and The Moorings. The Audiohouse now offers a home technology survey to home buyers, sellers and real estate agents in Vero Beach.

After moving in, the last thing any homebuyer wants to hear is that the home technology infrastructure has problems. A home technology inspection can provide you with peace of mind. During our home technology survey, our technician will test the home’s control system, Wi-Fi system, lighting control, landscape lighting, automated shades, surveillance cameras, inspect low voltage wiring and more. We can inform you if any devices are not working as they should or reaching end of life.

All technology needs routine maintenance from time to time to maintain optimal performance. This includes firmware updates to protect against cyber attacks, audio balancing and speaker inspection to ensure all speakers are working as they should and dusting and vent cleaning to prevent overheating. These are just some of the many reasons to have a technology inspection before your buy or sell your home.

Once settled into their new home, many of our clients have us come back to demonstrate the features of the smart home technology and to help them setup and customize light scenes or update their technology to better suit their needs.

Whether you are a home buyer, seller or real estate agent we can help. Give us a call today to schedule your home technology inspection and feel at ease when buying or selling your beautiful dream home. We look forward to building a lasting relationship and serving your technology needs for many years to come.

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