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The Audiohouse, June 29 2021

Samsung Terrace TV and Soundbar

Summertime in Vero Beach offers a great time to entertain your guests outdoors.  Samsung has introduced their first outdoor television featuring a crystal clear display in all sorts of outdoor conditions. Available in 55”, 65” and 75” sizes, it provides a brightness level of 2,000 nits, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy content in crystal clear quality, even in broad daylight. Its QLED 4K display is perfect for sports fans: with a high motion rate of MR240, it provides clear, lifelike picture quality, ideal for motion-intensive content. No need to worry on a bright sunny day, because the display also features anti-reflective coating to minimize unwanted glare, as well as adaptive picture technology to optimize content for its surroundings. The Terrace television has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to be paired with included Terrace Soundbar or other devices.  

To get the best entertainment experience at home, consumers need audio quality that is just as good as the display. The Terrace Soundbar offers dynamic sound that redefine the dimensions of your outdoor entertainment space. The Terrace Soundbar features distortion cancelling technology. By cancelling distortion before it happens, it delivers a deep and clear bass sound from its built-in woofers. And with an IP55 rating just like the display, the Terrace Soundbar is built to be weather-resistant and durable outdoors. Plus, when you’re outside, clear, rich sound is the baseline. The Terrace Soundbar can be mounted to a wall, or directly to the Terrace TV. It packs powerful and crisp audio for a truly immersive outdoor home theater experience. No matter where you are in the backyard, you won’t miss a second of the action.

Finally, the Terrace offers a seamless browsing experience for viewers. It supports multiple voice services including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, helping it fit naturally into your smart home ecosystem. The Audiohouse is Vero Beach’s premier choice for all of your home electronic needs. Call us today and see how we can help enhance and simplify your technology.

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