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The Audiohouse, June 4 2021

Light Up The Night With Landscape Lighting

When the sun sets, let the exterior of your home awaken. Let our landscape lighting professionals create a warm and glowing entertainment space and enhance your home's curb appeal.

Why Should You Light Your Landscape?

Their are many reasons to invest in landscape lighting. Light brings beauty, safety, and security to your outdoor oasis. We know from experience that a thoughtfully designed landscape lighting installation will transform your little piece of paradise into a gathering place where you will make family memories that will last a lifetime.

Set The Mood

The effect of light on how we feel is visceral. The interlacing harmonies of light as the sun sets, and in the moments just afterward, hold our attention like nothing else. The brilliant highlighting at the dark edges of a storm cloud, the water­colored pinks and blues at dawn, these images are written into our sense memory. Light is serenity. It is drama. It can be calming or invigorating.

Create Curb Appeal and Increase Property Value

Outdoor lighting can accentuate some of your most beautiful landscape features after dark. Artfully lighting trees can reveal the beauty of their limb structure, or shoot dramatic patterns of light and shadow through a cluster of foliage. Landscape lighting will set your home apart and wow your friends, neighbors, and potential buyers.

Safety and Security

Landscape lighting ensures that you and your guests enjoy your outdoor spaces safely, especially guests who aren't familiar with the layout of your yard. A well-planned lighting system will guide them along pathways, through steps, and over changes in topography. And finally, specialized security lighting can unpleasantly surprise intruders who would prefer not be caught in the center of a spotlight keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Life's special moments might be brief, but there effects lasts a lifetime. The Audiohouse is here to help you highlight those timeless memories, to savor the quiet moments, and revel in celebratory ones with those you care about most.

Call us today to schedule your free landscape lighting consultation.

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