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James McGuire, November 30 2021

Multi-room Audio Solution From Sonos

Sonos is more than a speaker company. Sonos also provides software solutions to simplify any home audio system. If you want to bring multi-room audio to your home or just add a couple more speakers to your existing system, Sonos can help. The Sonos App is a great way to play music from through your home system, however this technology is not limited to music. You can also connect your TV to the Sonos system for a surround sound experience as well as connect through Apple AirPlay 2. Below are some great products

Sonos Port

The Sonos Port is a solution to bring your home audio equipment to the world of Sonos. The Sonos Port is a wired or wireless streamer that brings the control and streaming sources of Sonos to your already existing home system. For example, if you have an existing A/V receiver, the Sonos Port can make that system a Sonos zone. You now have full control of your McIntosh system from your phone via the Sonos App. It can connect via analog or digital input to your existing system. The Sonos Port can even make your turntable a source for your Sonos speakers if you want to enjoy an analog experience. The Sonos Port can be the center of a whole home audio system.

Sonos Amp

Sonos also offers a powered amp for existing speakers that need power. The Sonos Amp pushes out 125 watts per channel and has WiFi connectivity. These are great for powering bookshelf, in-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor or any other existing speakers in your home.

Beam Arc and Subwoofer

Integrated speakers in a TV are often underwhelming. Flatscreen TVs don’t have the space needed for a proper acoustic housing. Sonos has a solution for this with its Arc and Beam sound bars. They mount directly under your TV and produce a great sound for movies, television and music. The Sonos Subwoofer can also be easily integrated into this system for a theatre-like sound. The Subwoofer handles lower frequencies that the Arc and Beam cannot. The Beam is a compact soundbar which can create crisp and clear sound for easily understandable dialogue. Pictured below is the Arc, the Beam's bigger brother.