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The Audiohouse, July 14 2022

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

A Guide To Common Network Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than home network problems. Slow speeds, weak connections and dropped coverage can impact your ability to stream entertainment, work from home, game online, and control your homes smart devices.

If you are experiencing issues with your home network in Vero Beach, we understand that figuring out the root to the problem and solving it quick is a top priority. Keep reading below to learn about the most common culprits when it comes to your home internet.

What Is Causing My Internet Problems?

When you’re trying to diagnose a network problem, it’s important to keep in mind that the different components of your home network function as a single ecosystem. A snarl in one part of the chain can tie up your whole home with slow speeds and weak connections.

Several factors can cause weak connections and crawling speed. If you’re experiencing problems, any one of the following could be the weakest link that’s wreaking havoc on the entire network.

Internet speed. Slow internet connections could be caused by purchasing an internet package with insufficient bandwidth from your internet provider. Activities like video streaming and gaming require a lot of bandwidth, and using multiple connected devices simultaneously could be consuming more bandwidth than you have available with your current internet plan. If you notice that your internet speed starts to drop when numerous connected devices are in use, it could be time to consider upgrading your internet package to one with more bandwidth.

The router. How long have you been using your current router? Outdated routers don’t have the memory or processing power to handle numerous connected devices with today’s Wi-Fi speeds. If you’ve been continually adding computers, entertainment systems, and smart devices onto your network, your router may be overburdened trying to keep up. A router on its last legs could be behind slow internet speed, frequent disconnections, and weak Wi-Fi signals.

Location. The further a connected device is from the router, the more likely you are to experience slow internet speeds, connection issues, and dead zones. Sometimes, all you need to do is move your router to a central location or remove signal-blocking clutter from around the router. But if you have a large home, the problem could be that a single router isn’t enough to provide adequate Wi-Fi coverage. If that’s the case, you may need wireless access points to extend the Wi-Fi range and eliminate dead zones.

Crowded Wi-Fi channels. Wi-Fi channels are the medium through which wireless data is sent and received. Think of channels like an interstate: if there are too many cars on the road, it’s going to slow down traffic and increase the time it takes for you to get home. Wi-Fi channels work similarly, but with data. If too many devices compete for space in the channel, your connection requests will take longer to complete. Many home routers automatically choose a Wi-Fi channel during installation, but The Audiohouse can change the channel in your router’s settings.

Internet service provider (ISP). Sometimes, the problem isn’t on your network but instead lies with your internet service provider. There could simply be an outage in your area and a quick call to your ISP could provide you with a time your service is expected to be restored. There are a few other reasons your internet issues could be coming from your ISP. For example, ISP network congestion, throttling, or data caps could result in crawling internet speed in your home.

A Damaged or Cut Line. If you have had some work done on the exterior of your home lately such as landscaping or pressure washing you could have a damaged or cut line outside. The Audiohouse can help you to diagnose this issue but more than likely your ISP would send out a technician to run a new line or repair the damaged wire.

What Should I Do Next?

If you’re experiencing sluggish speeds, dropped connections, or weak Wi-Fi signals, call The Audiohouse for help. We will perform a complete analysis of your network installation, identify weak spots, and recommend solutions to improve your speed, range, and connection strength. Give us a call or fill out an online contact form to connect with our team. We look forward to speeding up your home internet!

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