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Which Mount is Right For Me?

The Audiohouse, February 9 2023

Wall-mounting a TV can produce a better overall look and elevate the screen to a better viewing position while also freeing up space in the room. Wall mounts come in three basic categories, flat (also called slim or flush), tilt, and full motion (also called articulating). Picking out which mount is best for

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How to Select the Best TV for Your Room

Brett Ringeisen, February 9 2023

This is a comprehensive guide on selecting the best TV for your room. Here are the key points to consider: 1. Size: The right size TV for your home is a matter of personal preference, but most people end up with a larger TV than they had originally planned on. To ensure comfortable viewing, the minimum viewing distance from screen to couch...

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The Trouble with Technology

Brett Ringeisen, December 16 2022

We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, where the boundaries blur between the physical and digital world. This includes the promise of the Smart Home, when technology gets so simple for homeowners that the user interface knows who you are, and then can start doing things for you. This is an enticing glimpse of the future but...

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Why Home Theater is Good for Your Health

Brett Ringeisen, October 3 2022

At home, as in life, there are things that are essential to have and there are things that are nice to have. Most people would put Home Theater in the nice to have category, but did you know that there are real health benefits of having a private cinema in your own home? Movies stimulate the body and mind. Heartrate goes up and down due to the...

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Voice Control in the Smart Home - What you Need to Know

Brett Ringeisen, August 24 2022

It is now common to ask Alexa or a Google speaker to play a song or order something online. But did you know that voice control in the home has evolved and is now a simple, hands-free way to operate your home technology? We have all been there — with wet hands, full arms, juggling five things at once or just in the middle of something when the door...

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Why Is My Internet So Slow?

The Audiohouse, July 14 2022

A Guide To Common Network Problems There is nothing more frustrating than home network problems. Slow speeds, weak connections and dropped coverage can impact your ability to stream entertainment, work from home, game online, and control your homes smart devices. If you are experiencing issues with your home network in Vero Beach, we understand tha...

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The Top 10 Things You Must Do To Upgrade Your Home Technology

Siobhan McDonough, May 31 2022

9.  Add lighting control.  Lighting control allows all your lights to work together, and offers safety, security and convenience. Never arrive home to a dark house. When you pull into your driveway, your entire home will be perfectly lit just as if you had walked around room to room setting the lighting exactly as you wanted it. Individual scenes s...

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Always Be Home with a Smart Home

James McGuire, May 19 2022

Leaving your home for an extended period of time can be a cause of anxiety for many homeowners, more specifically, our seasonal residents who leave for months at a time. Home technology isn’t just useful when you are home. It is a tool that can help you be connected to your home no matter where you are.  Many questions arise such as Did I lock the...

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Separate Speakers vs. Soundbar. Which To Use In Your Home Theater?

James McGuire, April 8 2022

Modern TVs have improved leaps and bounds in terms of picture quality but sound quality has not follow suit. As sets get thinner, there is less room to fit speakers causing a decline in sound quality. Upgrading your home entertainment sound system is actually more important than upgrading you TV screen. Movie enthusiasts prefer to use a dedicate...

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Projection TV or Direct View TV. What is Best for Home Theater?

James McGuire, April 8 2022

When it comes to TV screens, bigger is often better. With most TV’s boasting 4k resolution, we can now sit closer to the screen without losing image quality. Prior to 4k, when you got too close to a screen, the image would become pixelated. With new technology, closer viewing distances are possible which open the possibility for using a larger scre...

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