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James McGuire, August 27 2021


When discussing high quality audio, the McIntosh brand is often placed at the top for good reason. Since 1949 McIntosh has engineered and manufactured premium home audio systems. Mcintosh is based in Binghamton New York and has been manufacturing audio systems in the same building since 1956. McIntosh was founded by Frank McIntosh. He and Gordon Gow developed the “Unity Coupled Circuit” which differentiated McIntosh amplifiers from the competition.  McIntosh continued to grow and upgrade it’s products to the epitome of sound. McIntosh amplifiers were used to power the speakers at the world famous WoodStock Music Festival in 1969. McIntosh amplifiers also powered Lyndon B. Johnson's inauguration speech. In the words of McIntosh himself  “McIntosh has not only witnessed history, we have shaped it.”

At The AudioHouse, we take great pride in carrying the McIntosh brand. McIntosh products are the epitome of quality and beauty. Here are some McIntosh products we carry.

C2700 Tube PreAmp
The C2700 preamp is the liaison between you and your HiFi sound system. This specific system uses a vacuum tube design rather than a solid state design. Some say vacuum tube amps and preamps have a warmer richer sound which is more true than a solid state system. The C2700 blends old and new technologies with its use of vacuum tubes and a new HDMI ARC connection. The preamp also boasts 16 input options (9 analog and 7 digital). The interface on the C2700 makes the system easy to navigate as well as aesthetically pleasing. The dual blue wattmeters are an unmistakable sign of McIntosh quality. The C2700 is a great place to start your new McIntosh system.

MC275 Power Amp
The MC275 is a power amplifier that utilizes vacuum tube technology just like the C2700. It is a great product to pair with the C2700 preamp. The MC275 provides 150 watts of total power or 75 watts over 2 channels. Here is a great video that highlights the history and applications of this iconic amplifier. Just like the preamp, this power amplifier provides a rich warm sound which is unobtainable with a solid state design. 

MT5 Turntable
Most music today is distributed digitally. If you want to take a step back and use your vinyl’s without losing the HiFi experience, the MT5 is the perfect unit for you. The MT5 utilizes the highest quality components such as its high performance platter and motor drive assembly, precision tone arm and a high output moving coil cartridge. The MT5 also stays true to the McIntosh design with its green glowing, magnetically suspended platter. It will be sure to fit right into your McIntosh system.

McIntosh provides the highest quality of audio equipment and here at The Audiohouse, we are proud to be able to offer them to you. If you are interested in a McIntosh system, give us a call or come to your showroom to hear the McIntosh difference, you will not be disappointed.

Written by

James McGuire

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